Monitor goes into power saving mode and computer hangs shortly after

Hi, I've crawled all over the web. Randomly when doing desktop processes my monitor goes into power saving mode, but can still hear sound coming from my computer for about 5 seconds, then it hangs.

I checked seating of my ram and did memory test on it. I examined the capacitor on my motherboard. My power supply is only a year old, 430Watts Thermaltake. all the fans inside my computer are working. I replugged everything. I tried system restore to a day before this happened. It has only happened once since the restore.
This problem began while playing a game called Medieval 2 : Total War, and upon exiting the game I loaded up Firefox, then my computer restarted.

Could a driver file or something become corrupt? The only piece of evidence I have is a event log error that has to do with the video card bios, but I only received this error once on the event log, when this problem occured about 3 times this week.
I have to wait a lot of hours or a whole day to see if something new I do fixes problem.

First time : Exit Medieval 2 : Total War, then clicked on firefox.
Second time: Tried to do a spyware scan,(was able to finish it after restoring)
Third time : Watched video inside Firefox and tried loading up catalyst control center

Thank you for your help.

This puzzles me because I can play a taxing PC game that pushes my computer to the limits for hours on end, but the moment I do something small on desktop like watch a video and chat with friends, there's a chance this problem happens. Could someone please shine some light on this?

My system is a HP pavilion a350y.
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  1. Can't edit my post, but I just wanted to add I have a radeon x1650 pro 512mb AGP8x card.

    I just completed a full set of diagnostics, scanned all my video card memory, and tested it, all tests passed. I did the same with motherboard, and all tests came back good.
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