Philips HTS6600 Crackle in Speakers when bass sounds

Hey Guys,

I just hooked up a new philips hts6600 system to my computer, and there is a crackling in the tower speakers when the bass hits a note.

I have roommates and have been getting home late, so have only been able to test this at low volume, but was hoping that before I get a chance to start troubleshooting and putting it through the paces I could get a list of possible issues and troubleshooting technique for this sort of thing.

The audio is coming from an integrated card (BIOSTAR TFORCE TA790GX Motherboard). I am feeding a single stereo jack out of the card (the light green one - front speakers I believe) into the left right RCA in on the receiver/dvd player.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am also looking for suggestions on best possible setup for this. The receiver does NOT have HDMI in...

Other specs

AMD Phenom 9950
8GB Gskill 1066 DDR2
2x Saphire Radeon 4850 (Crossfire'd) - 1024 GDDR3/each
2x 500GB WD Green
2x 1TB Samsung Spinpoint
Cooler Master 650w
Cooler Master Tower w/ 7 120mm fans
32" Vizio 1080p

Thanks! Will post testing results this evening (PST)
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  1. Try a different source like dvd player and play music CD.

    If the crackling still there then something on your speakers voice coil is loose/damage.

    If the crackling disappear then it's you're sound card. try updating the drivers. You may need to reinstall the OS and audio driver first and then check for crackling noise.

    Check your connection as well, It may just be loose connection.
  2. Thanks rexter - it turned out, that my output gain was too high on the sound card. By turning down the individual program volume, and turning the system volume up, I have corrected the problem.
  3. I never have a crakle sound even I set my volume on high. Unless the speakers are turned up.
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