Windows7 + Sony DCR-PC109e + laptop USB connection

Help !! It's driving me nuts!
I have had a couple of laptops over the last few years now which have all had firewire as standard with XP, Vista and all worked fine. Now on advise from the stupid woman at the place I bought my new laptop suggested buying one without firewire and using USB connection which doesn't work. Can anyone please help, I have looked everywhere for hours now and can't find a solution.

Laptop: Toshiba Satellite Pro L500 -1D4
Camera: Sony DCR-PC109e
Window 7
Connecting Firewire cable to USB

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  1. I have been told to try a Firewire express card made by Dynamode (not sure if name is correct). Anyone tried one of these before?
  2. No slot in my laptop to fit such a card. Help!!!!!
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