Setting up a Media Center

Planning on setting up a media center PC. I want it to be able to do a few things:

1.) Work as a DVR for analog and HD Digital broadcasts

2.) Play DVDs, with the potential of playing Blu-Rays in the near future (will wait for blu-ray burner prices to go down, because i have no need for blu-rays now)

3.) Watch internet TV, hulu etc, and play music...basic computer stuff.

Couple questions.

1.) I was looking at getting a Hauppauge TV tuner. However, I am reading that Comcast (unfortunately my only TV option), currently encrypts all their digital channels, and thus i would be unable to pick them up with my TV tuner. Is that true? What if I run the line through the comcast receiver? Is there any other way around this, or are all computer DVRs currently worthless for digital channels?

2.) How powerful of a processor is necessary? How powerful of a graphics card is necessary?


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  1. Running the line through the Comcast receiver mean you'll need the Comcast to change the channel then you don't need the Hauppauge TV tuner.

    I recomemd you check the RECOMEMDED requirement for blu-ray playback. I use an old AMD athlon 64 X2 3000+, ATI HD2400, LG CH08LS10 DVD/BD combo on a Vantec Nexstar DX enclosure and WinDVD 9 plus and it works great. Also use the player on my laptop with Intel T-5550 and ATI HD-3470 and using HDMI to connect to my TV and it works as good.

    Windows XP, Vista and 7 all work with both setup.
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