Eight tracks on ADAT transfer to hardrive/pro tools


Okay, I have an adat machine (8 tracks) and I want to transfer the tracks to a hardrive, or anything that will allow me
to take these tracks to pro tools format so that I can record a few more tracks and mix in pro -tools. I do have
garage band. It would take some time but I could put each track onto a cd seperately and then place them into Garage band
allowing me to have seperate tracks, then i could actually pipe them to another computer and from there into pro-tools, correct?
Just wanna mix down with more options than my small board and adat machine, thats all!


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  1. Just bounce each of the track to .wav format with a 16bit depth . Then save them on a cd. load each of them into the pro tool session through the import - audio command and away you go.
  2. You could also try to use the ADAT Lightpipe(optical) connection to transfer the data through your Digidesign interface granted that it does have that connection. In case you didn't know, you could use that ADAT machine exclusively for transfers to Pro Tools - a great use for them to this day!
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