External Display Issues with new Toshiba Laptop

Hey Guys/Gals:

I just purchased a new laptop. Toshiba U505-S2940:


for full specs. Has an HDMI out.

Graphics Device: Intel GMA 4500MHD

I am having issues with my external monitor: ViewSonic VX2025-WM .

The monitor works fine on my other computers, it has a DVI input. The laptop has an HDMI output. I have an hdmi cable with an hdmi/dvi adapter on one end to plug into monitor. When I startup the computer, the external viewsonic shows the Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit splash screen (windows with moving dots at bottom). As soon as windows loads, it will only load on the main laptop screen and does not recognize the external monitor. Obviously I know it works but why isn't it recognizing it!?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. did you go to the properties of your display graphic card?
  2. Yes, it doesn't recognize the second display at all. Toshiba doesn't have updated drivers and I cant install straight from Intel as I get an error that says I must get drivers from manufacturer's website. I can't get any recognition of second monitor outside of the initial loadup screen.
  3. Any help? :(
  4. it must be to do with the cable you're using. if you're using hdmi out from the laptop (the hdmi real connection) the other end must be hdmi too that means your lcd screen must have an hdmi input, some monitors and laptops only work that way.

    I'd suggest to use dvi or vga cable without any converters or adaptors,,and see
    what happens, also did you try another monitor? a friends, neighbor ect..
  5. Tried a different cord from monoprice, straight hdmi to dvi cord, still no go.

    Like I said it works on startup and in the bios and everything, but as soon as windows loads, its gone :-/
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