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hey guys, can anybody help me? my computer os is xp, then i tried to reformt it in win7, but i seems like i just install the win 7 in the other partition.. what i want is to reformat the whole compter and install win7, when i tried to delete the partition, i cant find how to delete it and make a new one. :( pls help me,, (waiting)
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  1. somebody answer me pls. help me
  2. Do the normal install of DVD, when you get to the screen that allows you to specify partitions, click advanced, select partitions and delete them all.
  3. ok ill try . HP DV7-3020EA + W7 Ult SP1 x64
    GA-870A-UD3 + PH-II X6 1100T BE + 212+ + 8GB DDR3 + GTX460 + W7 Ult SP1 x64
    GA-870A-UD3 + PH-II X4 840 + 4GB DDR3 + ATI3450 + SVR08 R2 SP1 x64
    GA-G41MT-S2P + Q9300 + 212+ + 4GB DDR3 + ATI5450 + 2.5TB HDD + W7 Ult SP1 x64

    im sorry , can i ask what is this?
  4. sir i tried to find advance but i cant find it. just refresh and load driver are in there :(
  5. In Setup when it gets to the drive list, delete all the partitions and then select the free space on your drive. It's best to have only one SSD or hard drive connected when installing W7 because it will create a reserved partition and you want it on the same drive. After it's installed you can re-connect your other drives.
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