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I want to buy a sony or nikon digital camera for 8000/- Rs.which one is good sony or nikon and which model hope i get quick responce
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  1. I think Panasonic Lumix TZ7 is very good camera as it has very good looks and possess all qualities that a good camera should possess
  2. Nikon is professional grade - go for the Nikon
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    The Panasoic Lumix mentioned above is really an awesome point and shoot camera. I am really impressed with the features and quality of images it takes (friend just bought one)

    I own a lower end Nikon DSLR, if you are looking for a digital SLR I would go with Nikon or Cannon. I love the Nikon but all of my other cameras are Cannon and if I had purchased Cannon, I could have used the lenses from those cameras on the new DLSR, but since I went with Nikon and it is a different mount I have to buy new lenses. Nikon and Canon are both pro grade cameras. The one I own is the D80 and it is a really nice camera (about $1600 US for the kit with a zoom lens)

    If you want it to shoot video as well as stills though you might want to keep looking I believe the new Nikon D3000 shoots both and I am sure Cannon has an equivlent.

    Warning the DSLRs are BIG cameras, this is not something that is going to fit in your shirt pocket. The lenses are expensive and especially Nikon lenses, Cannon lenses are a little more resonable.
  4. Oh I forgot to mention I also own a Nikon CoolPix L120 and it is definitely not up to the quality Nikon usually provides, do not waste your money on one.
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