Dual Channel trouble(getting wrong mem speeds)

I thought I would give it a shot here before i return the memory.Before the new memory upgrade, I was using the 2x 256 pc 3200 cosair dual channel kit.The Patroit memory is the new upgrade I bought today, and it's also a 2x 256 pc 3200 dual channel kit.

And this is where my problems start. I install it and boot up the pc, and the system detects the new dual channel configuration, but it reads off as pc 2700(says the frequency is 333mhz).
First thought was..that maybe they gave me the wrong memory. But to make sure, I take out the cosair dual channel kit(lef the patroit memory in) and boot up my system..boots up and reads the patroit as pc 3200.

Okay, since it read it as pc 3200, I left the patroit dual channel in the system and installed only one cosair stick(to run as single-channel)..and it detected the memory speed as 2700. Tried doing dual channel with one patroit and one cosair stick..and it read as pc 2700. Now at this point..I'm going nuts, and I thought it could be my bios..so..I updated it to the recent version...still doesn't fix it(also tried uping the voltage, changing the memory settings to the lowest).

I dunno how this is possible...is there a way to fix it?..or do I have to return it? and I have the 865PE/G Neo2 P Series(MS-6728) from MSI
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  1. It's a limitation built into the mem controller. Basically, when 4 DIMMS are being used, the memory is detected at 333mhz. Now I'm not sure if that actually means it's running at that speed, maybe Crash or tweeb could tell you that. In any event this can be avoided altogether by using 2x512mb dual kit :smile:

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  2. Yeah, but I tried to dual with the 1 cosair stick and 1 patriot stick(so 2 dimms..the other 2 were free), they were reconized as dual channel, but at dram freq. 333mhz
  3. Dual channel kits are made of DIMMS from the same die lots, the 2 you used are different brands. They have different timings, etc. They have to be the same, and that's why they're sold in dual channel kits. Either one of those kits will work fine independently. :smile:

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  4. Hrm..but would that apply if the memory were running on a single channel?(made it run on single channel and registers as 2700)
  5. Ok, if you tried one stick of each separately (i.e. one at a time) and it still read at 2700, that is different. Try using different slots for the single DIMM test, but I believe it's supposed to be in slot 1 or slot 2. See if that works.

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