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I'm getting close to purchasing a large screen HDTV that will also be used as my PC monitor. And I want a model that has a DVD player built-in. I plan on purchasing a screen that is about 32". The retail giant 'Best Buy' has the brands: Sharp, Panasonic and Insignia for relatively in-exspensive prices. And Walmart has an RCA brand. Help! What brand is the best design for the price. I'm wanting to get 'the-most-for-my-money.'
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  1. Doesn't your PC have a DVD-ROM Drive?

    I ask because if it does, why get an HDTV with a built in DVD player when it's already connected to your PC (which already has a DVD player)?

    My preferred brands would be Sharp and LG. If there's one of those that's within your price range, I'd go with either of those.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Don't even know if they make such a thing. If there is a built in player, it will most likely be a Blu-Ray.

    Only thing I've seen with a built in DVD player that is remotely related to a HDTV is a soundbar with DVD player.
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