Sony vs canon digital cameras

I would like to know which digital camera brand is better, Sony or Canon?
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  1. Sony use proprietary memory sticks -- more expensive. My impression is that Canon cameras cost more than comparable models from other brands.

    I would also look at Fujifilm cameras.
  2. thank you. I decided to buy the Sony S290. So far seems pretty good.
  3. :) I think both of brand is good for its own different functionality.
    as i use the both the manufacturer product.
  4. am very happy with the sony 290!!
  5. I wound up buying the Sony 290 since I already had used a Sony digital and had the memory stick. I really didn't get an answer to persuade me one way or the other.
  6. i think canon brand will more better because i heard many people say sony is best in external but canon is best in internal i already buy canon brand last week
  7. now i feel comfuse about digital camera .can give answer?if canon ixus110 is vs sony T90?
  8. yeah me the same...
    a bit confuse to buy either sony brand or canon...
    i think both of them are pretty damn good...
    just dont know which one is better...
  9. I think you should go in for Sony as it is more popular and reliable brand.
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