HDTV capture card.

hey guys,
I am really looking into getting a hdtv tuner card for my desktop. Have you guys used any or have any pointers on which is better and why.

I have an 8800gt 512 card as my graphics card.

now when I get a hdtv tuner card, will my video card be doing the decoding and grunt work, or is going to be the tuner card doing the work?

please advise.

thanks in advance.

as, a side note I have been reading about some cards..

AVerMedia AVerTVHD HDTV/TV-Tuner Combo PCI Express (x1) Card

Visiontek TV Wonder HD 650 HDTV Tuner - Full Remote, PCI Express (x 1), Digital/Analog Tuner, Video Capture, Hardware Acceleration, S-Video In, TV In, Audio In, FM, Personal Video Recorder


more so I am thinking about the AVerMedia.. whats your thoughts?
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