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what is a good raw 40d.50mm 1.8,17-85mm is,75-300mm.just purschase it all new to me.had AE 1.still use it can not depart with it i still like it..thankyou.
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  1. Cannot understand your question - "RAW" is a format method of capturing digital images (as opposed to JPEG) onto the camera's digital sensor. The RAW images must then be processed with external software and does provide the photographer with greater flexibility. If the camera is set to JPEG, then the built-in camera software does the processing into JPEG images.
  2. which software is good and simple to use,example.CS4 which is overkill fo my needs
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    Try GIMP (Graphical Image Manipulation Program) - free download from
    Very good editing software, and does have a learning curve - similar to Photoshop, but not as powerful as Photoshop - but, it is free.
    Hope this helps
  4. Canon's own Raw Photo Editor that came with your camera is not bad, try it first.
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