looking for best wireless gaming mouse

Keyword wireless. I want recommendations on the best wireless mouse to use for gaming.

Reason I need wireless is I have my comp hooked up to my TV, I sit 8 ft away.

I was thinking the logitech G7, it had up and down reviews. I don't know if thats because its mediocre, or because people are just expecting too much.

what do you think would be a good mouse to game with wirelessly.
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  1. honestly, i wouldnt go wireless. get a usb cable extension.. that will be a better solution. the response time is what matters and with wireless.. its just not the same..
  2. ok, so what kind of USB extension would work. Does the fact that something like the G5 says "full speed USB"? Is that just a fancy term for USB 2.0, so would a regular USB 2.0 extension hurt the transfer speed at all?
  3. I use a Logitech G7

    Works great, great response times

    I'm playing WoW, TF2, HL2 Deathmatch, and Combat Arms
  4. I'm with z0phi3l: although there is a lag with most wireless mice, the G7 is rock solid. It even beats most wired mice IMO.
  5. I have been looking for a wireless gaming mouse also. when I see the g-7 it is either black(carbon fiber look) or green. I also have never seen both of them at the same site. I feel one is probably an older model.
    Is there a difference?
    I did try google but came up empty.
  6. I have the black version, FWIW.
  7. I use the logitech G7
  8. If you really want GAME, you need a USB mouse. But if you have to go wireless then I guess the G-7 is a no-brainer. Personally I hate wireless due to the fact that the response time is not as accurate as a corded mouse. And the worst part is having to change the dam batteries, recharging every now n then....

    IMO the G-5 is the ultimate gaming mouse.

    The worst thing that can happen during gameplay is that you run out of battery and you decide to throw the mouse across the room in frustration....
  9. i had a G7 mouse for almost 2 months and then it suddenly started cutting out for 5 seconds every 30 seconds. i updated/reinstalled/swapped usb ports but no change. its one of the reasons why logitech discontinued the G7 mice, because its a lottery when you buy one.

    but yeah, before it broke it was the best mouse i've ever used
  10. I've had two carbon colored G7's since they came out. The first one failed in 6 months with that same intermittant drop. Logitech sent me a new one with no question or delay. No problems since and I now have two sets of batteries and check the level before getting into an extended gaming session. I can swap them almost as fast as my weapon swap on COD. I guess I need "Quick Draw Pro".

    I have an MX1100 that fits my hand better but doesn't have the same action.
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