New gaming build

i built a new gaming computer yesterday.

antec 500w ea-500 green
HIS h685f1gd hd6850
2gx2 pny md4096kd3- 1600-x8
1tb samsung hd103si 32m 5k
dvd burner lg gh22ns50
asrock m3a770de 770+sb710
amd ph ll x4 955 3.2g am3

i put all this together and all i get is the fans. no beeps, and no screen. need help.
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  1. also the power button and reset buttons dont work i get the light. the power button turns it on but not off. reset dose nothing.
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  3. i got this problem fixed in another form on this site. i forgot to plug in the 12v power to the cpu. it is my first build so other then that it was all good.
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