Online version of Samsung Digimax D103 camera manual

Does anyone know a website to access the Samsung Digimax D103 camera manual? I cannot locate it on Samsung's own site and would like to find out why the 8 GB memory card I purchased for this camera does not work for it, saying 'memory full' whenevery inserted even though there are no photos in the memory card?
Many thanks, in advance.
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  1. Simple answer may be that the camera's design preceded the availability of larger capacity memory cards.
  2. This is caused by the difference between SD and SDHC cards. Despite the similar names and identical sizes, a SDHC card will not work in an older digital camera which is SD compatible only. Always check that a camera is SDHC compatible before buying a SDHC card. SD is available for capacities up to 2GB, while SDHC is available up to 64GB.
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