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I have the Audigy 2, and it often crashes my computer when I'm playing games. While I'm playing, the game will suddenly freeze and the last sound will repeat like a broken record. The only solution is pressing the reset button.

I know it's the Audigy 2 because my computer doesn't crash when I disable it and use the onboard sound. I had this problem with my SB Live! card as well. Replaced my motherboard and got the Audigy 2 hoping it would fix it. People have referred to this as the "squeal of death". However, I was hoping maybe there's a solution I don't know about, since few people seem to complain about it.

My motherboard is the Intel Desktop Board D865GBF. I turn the onboard sound off before using the Audigy 2.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Try moving it to different PCI slots.
  2. im having exactly the same problem..i tried a different pci slot and it didnt help....i am very frustrated because i don't want to lose the cpu performance..the game i play right now is cpu bottle necked and having to use the onboard just makes it that much worse....
  3. Move it to the pci slot closest to the agp slot or pci-e slot. The closer to the cpu the better those cards do. I had the same problem until i moved it into that slot. It still crashes but much much less often

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  4. (read with a scotish accent in ur head)

    O 4 fuc sake man, i just ordered a ZS audigy 2. i used to get this problem with the friggin audigy gamer.

    until the audigy gamer come up with errors blue screen of death, saying are you sure the card is inserted properly and Do you think ur pci card is fuked, please reinstal your drivers blah blah.

    i tried to do everything but gave up i have been using my nforce 2 dfi lanparty ver:B soundcard which is utterly rubbish.

    so please god dont let me have this screech of fukin death problem the rest of my fellow fukers are having.

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  5. Bleh...couldn't do accent kept going from scottish to british during the whole 'rubbish' thing...

    I'll keep trying.

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  6. Boy-oh-boy would I be interested in some guidance here. I'm having exactly the same problem: while gaming (pretty much exclusively), the screen goes blank, I hear a sound clip repeating, and nothing will get me out of it but a press of the reset button. Rats.

    You'll find threads from me regarding this problem in both the "Power Supply" and "Memory" forums, as I suspected each of those first as the root of the problem, only to get nowhere. Today I turn to the "Sound Card" forum on a hunch and see the exact description of my problem on the first page. Serendipity and all that. (It should go without saying that I'm also running the Audigy 2 ZS.)

    I did drag my sound card up the PCI stack as suggested, but because I'm running an nVidia GeForce 6600GT (with a honkin' fan on it), I can't get it into the very top PCI slot. I've had to settle on the next one down. But jeez, it shouldn't matter! (I realize that maybe it does. I'm just saying that it SHOULDN'T.)

    I'll be keeping an eye on this thread. If anybody has any additional thoughts or solutions, I'd be really happy to read them.

    Thanks for posting this.
  7. This is probably a retarded idea...but if you have a way to bump up the frequency of your pci might try moving it up 1-3mhz...Since it's some sort of latency issue from being away from cpu, perhaps by increasing the mhz we can make up for the latency issue.

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  8. 'Screech of death' victims:

    I had these same problems and they got worse when I upgraded my video card. Tried using onboard sound but the performance hit was unbearable. It could be seen in 3Dmark03 sound test, as shown below. Tried again with the KX drivers and it seems to work pretty good. The performance is a little less than with creative drivers (that had crap stability) and there's no EAX (which made stabiility worse), but at least there is hardware surround sound that doesn't eat my CPU...

    3dmark03 sound test:

    0 sounds: ~29 fps

    Audigy 2ZS w/Creative driver (latest, not beta)
    24 sounds: ~28 fps
    60 sounds: ~26 fps

    Audigy 2ZS w/KX driver (
    24 sounds: ~27 fps
    60 sounds: ~25 fps

    Onboard sound (ugh, doubt drivers matter)
    24 sounds: ~20 fps
    60 sounds: -

    So, if you can live without EAX and have had enough instability, head over to <A HREF="" target="_new">the kx project website</A> and give them a try. Surround sound works well, and if you set it up properly it will upmix stereo to all the speakers a la CMSS, which is nice.

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