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hi i just got this camera pdc640 and didnt get all the hardware where can i find what i need and do they still sell it?one more question is how much is this camera worth?
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  1. Polaroid is just a brand name stuck on (usually) cheap Chinese generics.

    If you are missing the USB lead, take the camera into a computer accessory place and check whether the camera can use the standard mini USB type lead.

    If it has a non-standard mini USB socket I would suggest getting a card reader instead (presumably camera uses SD card).

    If it takes AA batteries you don't need a power supply -- just a regular charger and some NimH batteries.

    You shouldn't need any software for the camera -- once you have the lead or card reader your pictures can be transferred to computer just as if from an external removable disk drive.

    See this: www.polaroid.com/media/document/pdc_640_ug_rev1.pdf
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