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I have adjusted several jpeg files taken with a Nikon D90 in Canon's Zoombrowser. The resulting files are about half the size of the originals. Am I doing something stupid here?
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  1. Half the size -- file size or picture size ?

    If you are saving the results of changes made using the software you are often offered an option as to the jpg quality/file size type you want to save as -- at least that's what Photoshop does.
  2. The file size is half--a 5MB file becomes about 2.5MB. I even did an experiment of just saving a 'nikon taken' file in Zoombrowser with absolutely nothing done to it. And I got the same "half-ing". And to be more clear: I am only attempting to do basic color/brightness adjustments in Zoombrowser.
    Before this, I have only worked with images taken by several different canon cams. This file size decrease has not happened. To further test, I also adjusted a Nikon image in Corel--the file size was only slightly altered as would be expected. My Zoombrowser version is probably 3-4 years old.
  3. It may not matter so long as there's no visible difference in picture quality (try comparing by zooming in on two identical pictures of different file sizes)
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