Creative console luncher NO DTS/Dolbt Option !

HI ,

I have a problem with Creative Console Luncher ! my card is X-fi Extreme Gamer and according to the picture blow it dont have DTS/Dolby Sorrund Option in Creative consol luncher !

I use Windows XP SP3 .... as u see DTS/Dolby sorrund option not appeare ! but i saw this in some many picture previusly on the web ! any suggestion or help ?????? Thank u
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  1. I don't have an X-fi but Audigy ZS and I can't remember seeing DTS at Creative Control Console.

    So check MediaSource DVD-Audio Player if DTS is there. Or you may just need an updates. HERE

    Unfortunately creative player does not play DVD-Video so for Movies and other videos you will need to use other programs.

    Hopefully, other users with same card as yours can give you more input.
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