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I am just getting into film editing and so far have used my Dell Inspiron E1505. it works ok with my camcorder but I would like to get something that can edit in HD and do the job well without dropping frames and so that I can finish the project before I turn 100. anyway I am looking for advice on Dells that can do the HD editing job and do it well. I am not really a computer buff so I don't understand a lot of the answers given on similar subjects. anyway what I am currently looking at is:

Dell Studio 15 Notebook
Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium Edition, 32-bit SP1
15.6” High Definition+ (900p) Bright LED Display with TrueLife™ and Camera
8X Slot Load Super Multi (DL DVD+/-R Drive + RAM support)

any suggestions?
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  1. For video editing you want a fast CPU - the faster the better - and a fair amount of memory - at least 4 GB but depending on your application and the rest of the system you might be able to take advantage of more. For this reason a 64 bit OS is recommended - as long as it works with your software and other devices.

    Because of the importance of CPU and memory, you are going to get a much better system for the money if you go with a desktop instead of a laptop - but obviously there are other considerations. It is not easy to even find reviews of laptop CPU performance on video applications to compare. Do you have a source for that? Also are you planning to go with Windows 7?

    Since you want to work with HD - does that DVD writer read and write HD? They are quite expensive even for desktop so I would guess even more so for laptop - I don't use HD yet.
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