move program files to external drive?

I filled up my 20 GB hard drive, so without thinking bought a 80 GB external drive.
Now I realize that most of the 20GB are being taken up by programs, not data.
Is there a way to move all my programs to my new external drive?
Someone mentioned something about ghosting would be the best way.If so, could I then delete them from the c:drive?
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  1. Not sure what you're talking about here. If you mean should you run these programs from your external drive, I would say no.

    What I would do is clean up and de-infect your C: drive, then image your C: drive. Install the 80GB drive as your main device and then restore from your image to this drive.

    I haven't used Ghost, but I have used R-Drive Image which will create the image and restore disk from within Windows and write it to DVD, or another drive/partition.

    ....WW (5.0)
  2. You wouldn't want to put programs on an external drive as it is incredibly slow compared to an internal drive. They are just for storage not active use.

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  3. I agree. It is a bad idea to install program on external hard drive. Can you just add an internal hard drive??
  4. You need a bigger internal drive.

    Also any drive you get is going to be significatly faster than the 20 GB one you are using.
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