HP DV1600 Sound Problems HELP!

hi all, i have an HP DV1600 Series laptop, i am having issues with the sound not comming out of the built in speakers, audio drivers are correct and updated, headphone jacks work fine, the only time i get audio out the speakers is for a split second when i unplug the headphones, and sometimes at random 1 or both work for a few minutes, i know the speakers work cause i get sound for a second, i know drivers are fine cause i get sound from jacks anytime i need, please help!
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  1. the headphone socket might be damaged, because speakers get muted when you insert headphones, so now your speakers beleive there are headphone plugged even they're not.

    it's what I think
  2. ya that looks like a posability, how would i go about confirming that? is there a sensor within the jack i can disable? or any other way to fix it?

    but if that is the case, why do they work at random, even when i dont touch or play with jacks?
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  5. that's the thing, its risky if I was you i'd open the laptop apart and desolder the phone jack and see if the speakers work thatway.
    there is no sensor or anything its just current cut, when the headphones are plugged the current stops from going towards speakers
  6. well i dont think its the jacks, cause even my mic doesnt work, im thinking its a sound card problem, is there a certin chip or something i can replace? its intagrated to the mother board. or am i looking more at replacing the motherboard?
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  8. anybody?
  9. Ugh, I wish I could help you...but I am having the exact same problem with my HP dv1659us series...
    I had a killer virus that took out my XP driver, so i had my IT tech work on it, and he couldnt reinstall XP home so I had to get stuck with vista...okay no big deal...but now I realize my sound wasn't working...and after an hour of figuring out sound card updates, etc...I tried headphones. and just like you, sound works fine through headphones, and when i pull them out, sound comes out of my speakers for a half second.....
    how annoying :(

    did you ever find a solution to the problem?
  10. well i solved the problem with mine, even worked with windows 7 rc 7100, get the orginal xp driver and download it to you desktop, then right click to properties, then select compatability, check the box and select winxp sp2 then ok, then run the driver, thats what i did and it worked for vista home premium and windows 7 rc build 7100, good luck,

    as for the xp thing, when i installed xp home on my laptop, i went into bios and set the hard drive to either automatic or compatible, cant remember witch one, its hard to get the raid drivers on it without a floppy, lol
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