Wierd LCD screen problem. Have you ever seen this!?

My Sceptre X37SV-Naga LCD/TV screen has these distorted wavy smears and vertical lines that almost look like water drips ran down it, or like big smears on the screen, but they are not on the surface (the screen is absolutely clean). Of course this TVs warranty just ran out last month! Can someone please tell me what this is and how to fix it (if possible)? I was thinking that dust had somehow settled between the lamp and the screen, but I want to know for sure what this is first. I have a picture link below so you can see the screen for yourself. If you look close at the picture, you can see a wavy line that starts near the top left corner and arcs down to the bottom. There are also numerous vertical lines in small groups here and there.

If the LCD panel needs to be replaced, can you also please give me the link to a good LCD panel distributor? Thank you guys in advance for your help. You are good people to spend your spare time here helping others with our problems.

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  1. It's probably not the LCD themselves or you'd see a lot of dead pixels. Looks like someone sprayed the thing with a hose or dropped a beverage down it.

    Throw a party or something?
  2. LOL!! I know it really does look like a smear or like you said, a spill, but none of these things have happened. It started out with just a few blemishes in the upper right corner, and then slowly spread over a period of about 4-5 months. I don't throw parties, and have no kids, just me and my husband, and 2 dogs. And no, there are also no cats that live here (in case someone was wondering!! LOL).

    I know I should have used the warranty while it was there, but I bought it at NewEgg, and have thrown away the box. The shipping and packaging alone would cost more than it would cost to just replace the lcd. Ya I know it was stupid to throw away that box! I have a storage shed clear full of boxes for computers and other stuff, that one was just so huge it was always blocking the door and the TV seemed fine for the first few months so we chucked the box.

    Is it possible this could be dust build-up somewhere between the lamp and the screen? I have never worked on a lcd before, but I have built and repaired PC's for 12 years, and would feel comfortable doing it, but I really would rather not if its not necessary. Thank you for the reply though!
  3. Here is the response from Sceptre Customer Support:

    Dear Customer,

    Based on a technician's comment there's some dust inside the panel. This is not an issue that can be fixed however, the panel needs to be replaced. For a 37" that is out of warranty, to replace a panel would not be worth the money. What is the serial number of the unit?

    Best Regards,
    Sceptre Technical Support Group

    I ran across a website once where a guy was selling just replacement lcd panels, all sizes and models, even had a list of manufacturers, models and such. "Is there anybody out there" ;-) that knows of such a place?
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