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Hello,I am attempting to use powerline network devices to send internet to a couple of outbuildings about 500 ft away, each with their own electrical subpanels fed from the main building. Is there some way to get them to work as it appears the circuit breakers create a problem?
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  1. http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9127759/Review_5_power_line_devices_that_take_you_online_where_Ethernet_or_Wi_Fi_can_t_

    It is more likely that the devices can't access the network because the power in those areas is on a different phase (or simply put ... a different circuit).

    Get an electrician to check this for you.

    A simple circuit breaker would not be the issue but I am not sure regarding RCD's (RCPO's).

    I hope this helps.

  2. it maybe cann't do it by powerline adapter, but you can try to use phoneline adapter, it can use in 1k-3k meters.
  3. If the electrician confirms the two devices are on different circuits then move one over.

    Alternatively setup a simple wifi network for the PC's off one in the main building.

    Small omnidirectional whip antennas off the back of the wifi card on a PC will not suffice for this sort of range so look at mounting a couple of yagis at least (on the wall).
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