A self confessed computer dummy

Hello,is there a thread for computer dummies who keep stuffing up.
This is the first time in over a year that I have ventured onto a computer forum.
The forum I was on huffed and puffed at me so much I just slinked off and went into hiding.
you guys seem friendly and helpful.

After 4 used and abused xp desktops piling up I have come to the conclusion that If it aint broke Dont try to fix it.
Before I go to bed just want to say hi ,and maybe prepare you,

I am a lot of things but boring is not one of them.
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  1. Welcome seeana to Toms !!

    Feel free to post your questions in our forums.

    We have a lot of users keen to help out.

    Simply select the forum area which seems to fit best with the problem you have, and put as much detail as you can into the thread about the problem.

  2. Welcome to the Forum!
  3. Welcome seeana!

    Feel free to ask wherever you want, there's always tons of people ready to help you out!
  4. Welcome,

    I am sorry to hear what you experienced on another forum. I would like to let you know that in this forum, people being rude will be punished.

    If you experience any abusive behaviour from another user in this forum, I encourage you to use the report button and the moderators will happily resolve your problem by taking appropriate action.
  5. Plus 1 ^
  6. Hi and welcome seeana.

    This is the report button that Pyree wrote about, lots of users miss that, and so did I. U can also report spam . On the left it is PM button for private messaging if needed.
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