i built the whole new desktop....and the HD and window 7 i use is from a dell registered i gave the whole HD to my friend and he reformat evrything and only reinstall the window and fresh reinstall everything ........but then...the blue screen still pop up...

2x IQRL are not equal or less
1x Memory management
2X page fault in nonpage area...

help what should i do...

should i buy a whole new window 7 copy ??

i test the memtest86 for 7 hours ....overnight and pass 3 test and no error then the bottom said pass test esc to exit..

what should i do...

MOBOs: asus P8z77v-pro
CPU : i7 3770k OC to 4.4ghz...( happen before OC , still happen after OC )
cooler: h100
Case Eleven hundred....
OS : window 7 64 bit..
GRAPHIC card : MSI GTX twin frozr 660ti
Memory ram : 2x patriot G2 series 16gb ddr3 1600mhz <<<<<could it be the culprit..???
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  1. no... i take the HD and install into my new computer...then reformat the HD and then REINSTALL the WINDOW 7 while the HD is on my new PC.....mean....the HD is being fresh install WIT my new pc.....not another one....
  2. Try running with one memory stick installed at a time, and in different slots.
  3. In my own experience, Memory Management BSOD's are almost always RAM that has gone bad, and more rarely, a power supply going bad.

    Get something like memtest_86 and let it run all night. If the RAM checks ok--which I suspect it probably won't--then try replacing the power supply.
  4. Power supply is 600watt thermaltake about 2 week that not the case here.. Now.. I might thinnnit he window still cause maybe conflict here and there...i think is a ram because i however did take ot in and out alot ... Cause first i put it in my dell then take it out then i put it in the wrong slot in my mew computer then i put it in the right spot... ...... So i might think it taking in amd out alot and ... Maybe gone bad ??
  5. Second will be install window 7 ultimate here...
  6. The ram are patriot g2 series ... About 2 week also and second just purchase coraiar vengence... Lol

    Ps.. Im using my phone so i cant edit my post... Sorry guys ..
  7. Also need a reply before you can continue thread! (no more than 3 in a row...) Did you try with one stick of RAM? Esp without the one you put in wrong slot...
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