Tuner problem with Denon AVR789 Receiver

I have a new Denon AVR789 Receiver. There currently are 2 hdmi inputs -satellite tv and a dvd deck, and one output to the tv. When I set the receiver to tuner in order to listen to the radio, the sound cuts in and out -it will sound for 2 seconds and then silent for 2 seconds and will alternate like this indefinitely. If I turn the tv set on this "fixes" the problem. I can then turn the tv set off, and the audio will remain correct. The Denon tech support has no ideas. Anyone out there have any? thanx.
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  1. That's really bizarre - my AVR 2808 works perfectly. If Denon tech support is perplexed, perhaps return it for a replacement?
  2. I'd rather not send it in if I can help it, as it may take a month before I can get it back.
  3. Did you resolve the problem cutting in and out? I currently am seeing the same thing with my system. Listen to tuner with tv off and sound cuts in and out then as soon as I turn TV on sound is fine. I have new Sharp LCD LED tv. What TV do you have?
  4. My tv is a samsung dlp. Someone suggested that it might have something to do with the hdmi cable connection, but I never had a chance to try alternatives (it's too hard to deal with the way everything is cabled within a cabinet). So now it's just easier to turn the tv on and then off again. I'm glad that I'm not the only person with this problem. If you do have a chance to try different cable connections and it works, please let me know.
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