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I was wondering if someone can help troubleshoot a problem that I have with my computer. Occasionally, when I depress the power button, the PC fails to boot to Windows. The Power LED on the case is lit but the PC wont boot. I have to depress the reset button and then Windows displays the screen that tells you that if failed to boot properly and if I want to boot in safe mode.

Would you guys think this is software or hardware related? Any ideas on how I can track down this problem. It occurs probably every other day.

System Config:
Intel P4 2.8 (Socket 478)
Intel 875PBZ Motherboard
512MB DDR400
Seagate 80GB HD SATA
Asust Nvidia FX5600 & SB Audigy Card.

Any help is appreciated.

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  1. If your using HyperX memory from kingston make sure you manually adjust your memory timings. I have the same MB and that is the memory I used. I had the exact same problem, either way make sure the timings are correct.

    There was also another setting I cant remember at the moment that I changed and this problem stopped. Im not at home now but Ill look for it. Also make sure you have the lates BIOS version.

    Here is a link to Knigstons website if you are using that type of memory.

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