Installation manual for a RS480M W3400 Emachine Motherboard?

I need an Installation manual for a RS480M, W3400 Emachine Motherboard? The motherboard's main power supply commection has a 24 pin connector. The power supply cable feeding the 24 pin connector is actually a 20 pin connector. I believe someone has changed my power supply. I need this manual to verify the need for the 24 pin connection....
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  1. The motherboard will have been made by one of the big brand motherboard makers, perhaps EliteGroup (ECS) or MSI Microstar. Have a close look at the board for a model number and Google that. Also see for reviews in case you can spot your model from a picture.
  2. The link below might give you some peace of mind:

    There are alot of power supplies that have a 24 pin connector with a detachable 4 pin connector leaving a 20 pin connector.

    These are designed to accommodate older and newer Motherboards.

    Older motherboards didn't require as much power input as newer ones that have the ability to... let's say run a few add-in cards, such as two graphics adapters.

    If your system isn't an energy hog you will be fine... on the other hand if you have some extra hardware peripherals connected to the motherboards be concerned.
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