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Have looked through forums and couldn't find any help with this.

I'm relatively new at building my pc, have added all of my components and so far so good except...

At the front of my case are 2 USB ports, the wires coming through are all lovely and small single pin connectors, different colours etc. Unfortunately, I have no idea where to plug these in or in what order?

Does anyone have a chart/pic/guide to where they should go?

My spec is;

Asus A7V8X-X SKT A KT400 8x AGP DDR Sound lAN USB 2.0
AMD ATHLON XP2800+ 333MHZ FSB 512Cache
1024 DDR Ram
Connect3d ATI Radeon 9600XT 256MB

Many thanks.
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  1. Look through your mobo manual to see if there is a header(collection of pins) to plug these into. The last ASUS board I used had these pins in the lower center of the board and were labeled USB_56. Another tip; once you figure out where they go it might be possible to use some masking tape to tape the seperate plugs together to make one large enough to work with easier.

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  2. Read your manual

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  3. the pinout is likely in your mobo manual and the case manual.

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  4. This might hlp a little:
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