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I was installing a kenwood kdc-116S cd player and I connected the ground, ignition power12+, & the power constant and I am not getting any sound. Do you think a speaker output may have contacted something metal during installation, damaging the internal power amplifier?, and if so How can I be sure?
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  1. Check you speaker wirings you may have pick the wrong wire.

    If it shorted you'll know you should witness a spark at some point during your installation.

    Try FM signal if your getting any. If you have pre out try to connect a PC speakers on those preout. It there's sound then it's the power amp. (a big IC connected to a heatsink)

    If there's no sound then I could be a preamp or something else.

    If you are not sure if you connect the speaker properly then get a home speaker and try it for sound testing only.

    Your VOM should tell you what might be wrong. If you don't have VOM then you should stop what you're doing and get one before your burn your car down.
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