Is my monitor dying or something else?

Hello Everyone.
Is my monitor dying or something else?
This has been going on for months.
So, everytime i turn on my monitor, some blue cross lines appear on the monitor but normally this goes away when i touch the monitor entry cable. But nowadays, the problem persists and how do i fix it?

Monitor Model: Hitachi CM752

Data of usage: I have this monitor since 1996

So is this a problem that can be fixed?

If there is anything i need to provide, please let me know...

Monitor Cable entry 1 to 4:=


Monitor Problem 1 to 3:=
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  1. You can try to replace the video cable, if that does not work, you can take apart the back of the monitor and see if you need to resolder the video connection to the board. Or just get a new monitor since yours is older than most of my kids and you can buy a new LCD monitor for about $100 or a used one for half that.
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