the booting stops at winxp start logo for ever

the booting stops at winxp start logo for ever
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  1. Boot into the repair console and type chkdsk /r
  2. repair console?
  3. Boot into the BIOS
    Make the cd/dvd drive the 1st boot device
    Insert your OS disc
    Press any key when you see the prompt
    Use the R option on your disk volume to enter the repair console

    Once in the repair console, just hit enter when prompted for the admin password (it's blank by default)
    At the command line use the chkdsk /r command
  4. ok im sorry i didnt say that it is an old hp laptop (2002-2003)
    and i dont know how to boot into BIOS
    and i want only save some fotos and format if its easier
  5. Tap delete on startup to access the BIOS.

    Using the repair console is painless. It's better than needlessly formatting.
  6. laptop. hp. xp.
    it may have that extra hidden partition. dell used it too, among others. find the manual for your computer. I don;t know what to call the partition, its lieka remnant from win98 mentality.
  7. It's called the recovery partition. It's usually accessed by holding down f11 on startup. But this will set it back to factory settings.

    If it's just the boot files, they can be fixed in the repair console without data loss.
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