HDMI - PAL/NTSC flavours

Does anybody know which of the LCD-TV models/brands that are sold in the US will be able to display PAL signals while connected through HDMI?


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  1. I have a similar problem. I want to buy any LCD TV (1080p) that can display both PAL/NTSC video signals through a HDMI cable. Many models can display PAL/NTSC video signals only via AV output.

    I am completely in the dark, as how a Blu ray DVD player can bring the DVD to 1080p quality through HDMI if the TV can display PAL and NTSC video signal only via AV.

    Is there anyone there who can help with advise apart from the guys who perform modifications of all famous brands at "regioncodefreedvd" web site.

    Big thanks to anyone who is smart enought to figure out this mess.

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