How do I find windows 7? I have my product key but cant make the program downloa

I bought what I thought was a direct link to Windows 7 download. It is an .osi file that took forever to download, then using freeisoburner, i tried to save file to a CD/RW. I think the screen said that I have the wrong type of disk. I am not computer-savvy (obv).
Now I have a file I can't use, and a product key to Microsoft Windows 7.
Do you know where I could download a file and use my key, or, to use what I have now from the vendor? It was sent to me via email.
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  1. You will need a DVD Burner and also a Black DVD disk, in order to burn the .iso file to the disk. There are several "free" .iso burners out there to burn your Windows file to a DVD blank disk.
  2. where did you bought your key you could use that to transfer the iso file to a usb key or dvd
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