I want to upgrade my pc

i have a asus m2a-vm motherboard with 4gb ram installed and amd anthlon 64 x2 dual processor 6000+ ,i want to know how can i upgrade my pc to its maximum capacity?
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  1. That AM2+ socket can take pretty modern CPUs http://products.amd.com/en-us/desktopcpuresult.aspx?f1=&f2=&f3=&f4=512&f5=AM2%2b&f6=&f7=&f8=&f9=&f10=&f11=&f12=True

    MB will also handle 8 gig of ram, but you'd need a 64 bit operating system for that.

    You did not list your video card, but you'd want a faster one of those as well if you are using the onboard one. What you can get depends mostly on the power supply and case size.
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