Sharp Aquos (3 years old) HDMI blocked due to HDCP.

Please help! HDCP message just started appearing on the screen of my Sharp Aquos LCD. We've had this hook up for about 3 years with no problems and NOW, all of a sudden... HDMI blocked due to HDCP, please hook up YBrPr. There is no new equipment added.
WOW is the provider.
Don't know what happened!
WOW is no help...or at least they are doing their best, but don't have any real answers.
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  1. This is due to the copy protection on what you are trying to play, or maybe came from some updates that came though. The TV and the playback has to be HDCP compliant to run some things., read the last entry under "Problems". This is something that needs to be solved between the TV and the play-back device vendor most likely.
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