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I have an ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe motherboard along with 2xKingston PC3200 256MB Ram chips. I wanted to upgrade my system's ram but seeing that now it is cheaper to buy 512MB ram instead of 256MB ram, I was wondering would there be any bad effect if I had the following config in my system:
Ram DIMM Slot#1 = Kingston 256MB ram card
Ram DIMM Slot#2 = Kingston 256MB ram card
Ram DIMM Slot#3 = Kingston 512MBram card

I have bought the 2x256MB ram cards quite a while ago, and recently I got 256MB ram from my friend that he didn't want, also Kingston, also PC3200, but for some reason, when I used it in my system (ie. 3 dimm slots have 256MB ram with dimm#3 using the newer card my friend gave me), it very often crashed, I put the 256MB card my friend gave me in another system and it worked just fine... odd. Any ideas on this problem as well?

Thanks for all your help!
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  1. Try upping the voltage a tad on the memory.

    What is it running at 2.6V ?
    if so boost to 2.7V

    Too, check out if a BIOS upgrade might help.
    Bios Revison 1008 deals with memory modules

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  2. Some memory controllers seem to have a problem with an odd number of memory modules installed. And the ASUS A7N8X series seems to be very sensitive with memory configurations.

    It is ideal to install double sided memory modules in any case, both performancewise and for quality issues.

    Sine your computer is crashing, could be insufficient voltage, however I suspect otherwise. If you still have problems after adjusting the voltage, I would try switching the memory around. Or even swapping the two pieces of 256MB for a single stick of double sided 512MB. :wink:

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