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Can i run gta 4 on my pc

can i run gta 4 with intel medea accelerator 128mb
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  2. It works really easilly.
    Just select GTA: IV from the drop-down tab and click "Can You RUN It"
    Make sure you accept and download the program and you are done.

    I use it everytime before I buy a game. ;D
  3. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    What other components do you have? CPU, RAM. Like i see, maybe not, or in low details.
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  5. no u hav to upgrade ur graphix gard.
    Rockstar Games and Gta 4 does not support intel card.
    Get urself a grafic card with dx10 an shader model 3 or above for gta 4 to work !!
    if u play gta 4 in this VGA gta 4 will bring up an error saying "GTA FATAL ERROR : DD3D50"
    My choice is Geforce 9 series
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