Having troubles with my blueray player

I have an HP pavilion HP Pavilion dv7-1175nr Entertainment I have 4gb of ram and i am running vista 64bit i got a nividia geforces 9600mgt my lpatop came with a blueray play built in it i have tryed running two of my blue ray dvd's "shooter" and "there will be blood" but they wont work but my girlfriends "twilight" blueray dvd will work fine it plays all normal dvds and what not it's just blueray i am having troulbe with i downloaded the lates software for hp quick play and put cyberlink power dvd 9 and it still does not work? whats up anyone got an idea
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  1. I'd suggest taking the laptop back I'm afraid :(

    The blu-ray section of the drive would use a different laser, than it uses to play DVD's. Its possible you have gotten a faulty drive.
  2. Edit:

    Sorry, I didn't see that it played one perfectly fine.

    What error messages if anything come up when trying to play the others?
    Are the discs clean from any dust/scratches?
  3. it just keeps saying there's no disk
  4. I have the exact same model of laptop! and I am having the exact same problem, its not even detecting the blueray DVD, I have updated quickplay several times and downloaded the trial version of Cyberlink PowerDVD 9, that also doesn't even detect it. This is actually my first blue ray so I cannot tell you if it plays other Blue rays, but I've seen enough complaints online to know this is a common problem. I wish there was a clear answer!

  5. here are some screen shots of the Cyberlink BD Advisor I downloaded, is there any way to upgrade what appears to not be working? I bought my laptop with the intention of using its blue ray player.

    to view the images larger copy and paste this address:

  6. I found out what the problem was it was the blu-ray player it's self I replaced it and it works fine.
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