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quick question.

I am looking at a monitor, it has a hdmi in, and it supports 1920x1200 res. it also has component ins and svideo in and a vga in.

I will be using the dvi to hdmi in.

now is this going to less quality when compared to the straight dvi to dvi input? I want the best possible picture, i use dvi currently.

**at work i have a dual monitor setup where one uses vga and the other uses dvi and there is a HUGE difference between the two, I have the 2 of the same model LCDs.**

ViewSonic VX2835wm 28" Widescreen LCD Monitor - 3ms, 800:1, WUXGA 1920x1200, HDMI(HDCP), D-sub, Gloss Black, Built-In Speakers

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  1. The reason you see a 'huge' difference at work is because VGA is an analog signal, while both DVI and HDMI are digital signals.

    A DVI-HDMI cable will drive the HDMI monitor fine, and there won't be a loss in quality. HDMI was designed to carry audio as well as video, and add copy protection.
  2. thanks man. thas what i thought ::thumbsup::
  3. Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but there's no point in clogging up the forums when all I need is to clarify a point lol.

    So, to clarify, would this mean that using a DVI to HDMI adapter on the graphics card end to connect an HDMI cable to an HDMI input in a monitor would give exactly the same picture quality as connecting with a DVI cable and no HDMI adapter (assuming the monitor were capable of that)? And would using a DVI to HDMI cable have the same effect?

  4. Yes, it would give exactly the same quality (except IIRC, on the really high res 30" monitors, dual link DVI is better than HDMI, but for anything that can run on single link DVI, including 1080P, there should be no difference).
  5. +1
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