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Yesterday morning when i woke up, i heard some weird noises from my laptop... lol i knew it was bad news.. I tried to wake up the computer, no response.. tried to reboot.. no luck. the usual "clicking" noises starts to appear... i gave up and didn't want to screw it up any more than it already is..

So i bought a new HDD and replaced it, but the information on the old one are very important... and unfortunately i only have backups from 6 months ago... i'm currently searching on ebay for the same model.. but I wouuld like any advice on anything that i could try, now and when (if) i get the same model...

Thanks in advance!

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  1. You can pay a professional firm several thousand $$$ to TRY and get the data off.

    You can try to find a simlar HDD and replace the electronics. Probably worthwhile paying a technician to try. Probably only cost you a couple hundred but that may not work.

    If your not willing to pay a couple thousand and invest time in this.. then the contents of your HDD are not that important.

    If they contain the location of Osama Bin Laden then the US Gov't is ur best bet

    The loving are the daring!
  2. Clicking = Dead
    Either pay thousands or accept the fact that you data is gone. I suffered this many times, that is one major reason I now have file server w/ a redundant array in my house.

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  3. I have used a working drive of the same model to rescue data from a dead drive, it didn't require any special knowlege or technical skill, just special screw drivers :)

    If its the PCB and not the drive mechanism you might have a shot.

    Also I had a drive go bad such that it made a lot of noise an vibrated and would overheat and make clicking noises after an hour. I was able to slowly recover everything a few GB at a time before RMAing it.

    Also sometimes a drive will stop working as master, but will work as a slave or vice vera.

    However I think the odds are against you.
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