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I have been given a nikon d70s as a present without a lens, I want to buy a lens now and can only afford one, I would use it mainly for photos of the kids and models and a little scenery, what type and size should i go for???
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  1. I have a D70s Nikon and have shot parties, family, scenery, people, places. Here is what I own and the approximate usage of each lens:

    Nikon D70S
    Nikon Zoom Lens - AFS Nikkor IF 18-70mm G ED 6,000 shots total
    Nikon Zoom Lens - AF Nikkor IF 70-300mm D ED 50 shots total

    For indoor shots, a wide angle zoom lens will work fine - 18 to 70mm or in that range is a good all purpose lens. Go for it.
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