Logitech z-5300 Subwoofer Blown?

I have a Logitech z-5300 THX Certified 5.1 speakers that my brother gave to me. I was playing music about half to max volume on the control pad with max bass, which was pretty loud as it is, and suddenly the subwoofer gave out. My speakers work fine, but not the sub. My friends have the same set of speakers and they've kept it louder for longer periods of time compared to my 30 minutes or so. The subwoofer was just mildly hot after it went out and I tried turning it off to cool a bit but still no good.

Any suggestions on what I should do? Check if the fuse is blown? Thanks for the input in advance.
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  1. hmm. Well sorry you haven't gotten a reply in such a long time, but i think i know whats wrong. Before we get into drastic things lets do some basic stuff: make sure that the cable from the speakers is plugged firmly into your computer, make sure that there are no tares(tears...idk how to spell it sorry) in the wires. You've already cooled it down so I would think that the only option left would be to replace the fuse. Good Luck. :pt1cable:
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