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No firewire port on laptop


I have a Sony HC-DVR42 mini-DV camcorder. My new laptop (Windows 7) does not have a firewire port. I bought a cheap firewire to USB cable but when I plug it in, Windows reports that it cannot install the USB device.

Has anyone successfully used a USB/firewire adapter to connect a mini-DV camcorder to a laptop? Are there any other options?

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    Hi David

    Just a Firewire/USB cable wont do the job. You need to purchase and add a Firewire PCMCIA card to your laptop. This card will provide you with a Firewire port. Firewire does come in 4-pin as well as 6-pin connectors. Make sure you get the right one. I would recommend that you take the laptop as well as the camcorder to the store when you purchase the card.
  2. Ubrales

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately my laptop does not have a PCMCIA slot. I already have that adapter and it worked fine on my old laptop. I understand that the simple and cheap firewire to USB cable is insufficient. Does anyone make a USB dock with a firewire port that would work?

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