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i can not see my ip by "ipconfig" plz help me.
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  1. what does ipconfig report?
  2. And why do you care? Most of the time you don't need to know what your IP is. Or if you do you need your public IP not your private IP.
  3. Ignore 4745454b, another useless comment. As for your problem, are you opening command prompt as an administrator?
  4. Right-Click command prompt and select runas administrator

    Use IPCONFIG /ALL to see everything about your network connections.
  5. if its blank/no info check your drivers/device are present and that the cable/wireless connection is connected/present

    eggbrook -- that advice is only good for vista/7, perhaps the OP is using old dinosaur XP (god forbid), and 4745454b has a point IP info is next to useless for anything
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