Help with cutting rg6 cable and re-attaching connector please

I have a tv cable (I think it is an rg6 coaxial cable) that has a "crimping" connector on the end. My cable is running through one of my cabinets through a hole, and I want to take it out of the cabinets, and run it some where else, but the connector on the end is too big to fit through the whole. So, I need to remove the head.

Does anyone know how to remove the head? Also, will I be electrocuted if the power is not shut off? Finally, Can I re-use the same connector by connecting it with pliers?
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  1. I would honestly suggest you make the whole bigger. Like it or not, you'll eventually have to remove the cable, removing the head and repeating the process and potentially causing problems. Given the size of the head relative to the cable, I don't think you'll have to increase the circumference of the hole too much anyway.
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