Dell studio 540 and radeon 5770/5750

Hello, I have a dell studio desktop 540 with intel q6600(G0 stepping 95w, no ocing) and only 1 HD. The system comes with a 6pin BESTEC 350W PSU(+12VA/12A, +12VB/18A). I was hoping if anyone can tell me what is the best possible video card i can have to run it safely at full load because I want to play Crysis. I was thinking about the new Radeon HD 5750 (max load 86w) or the Radeon HD 5770 (max load 108W). I would appreciate it if anyone can help me out. Thanks
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  1. aford10 said:

    The system comes with a 6pin BESTEC 350W PSU(+12VA/12A, +12VB/18A).
  2. It should be able to run a 5770. But in all honesty, I would replace the PSU as well. That's not a real high quality PSU.
  3. how can one tell if a psu is of a high quality? is it just by brand name or are there other specifications. Also say my psu works for now, what would happen when it stops working? dose my computer just won't turn on or would i hear something like a small explosion?
  4. Certain manufacturers make higher quality PSUs. That doesn't mean none of the other manufacturers make any good ones, it just means they aren't as reliable. It has to do with the way they test and rate their PSUs. Some mislead in their ratings by advertising peak wattage and not continuous. Some also test in temps that promote higher test scores, instead of at normal room temps.

    The way they fail can vary greatly. They can just fail quietly and no longer power the system, or they can blow and take some of your hardware with it.

    When purchasing a PSU, I look to corsair, antec, pc power & cooling, OCZ, and seasonic. They all make quality PSUs.
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