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Hi! I'm currently using a computer I bought from my school. Since I have no admin rights, I was wondering if there might be a way to install games like Football Manager without admin privileges?
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  1. You can boot into safe mode (or log off of your user and tap ctrl, alt + del at the login screen to access hidden admin account) and use the default administrator account. You may also want to creat yourself an account that has admin rights.
  2. how do you create a new admin account?
  3. As a user without administration rights, installation of programs is impossible (security feature). If you do not have the administrator password, you will not be able to add/install/update programs at all. If you were provided the administrator password, use the method shown above to access the admin account - sign in there, then update/install. After installing (and checking for new updates), sign off the admin account and run from your user account (for security).
    I personally wouldn't bother making a new admin user - which you need to be logged in as admin to do anyway.
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